PHASELİS Phaselis which is in Tekirova ,is 27km away from Cirali and stands on the foot of Tahtalı Mountain 15km South of Kemer. The city was built in B.C. VII.century by the Rodos people. For a long period it was LIKYA’s most important harbour.Phaselis has three harbours.North port,Battle port or Protected port and the Sun port.Most important one is on the South.

On the middle of the city there is 25m wide and 200m long road. On the South end of this road there is the Hadrian Water Way Door. On both sides of the road there are walking ways and shops. And other things are Bath,Agora and Theater for public usage. It is said that those building were used until the I.and II.centuries B.C. Between the city center and the settlement place located on the 70m heigh plateau ,there are water pipelines.